Frequent questions

What is PlacetoPay?

PlacetoPay is the platform that allows merchants to receive payments and collect invoices through non-presence channels in a safe and agile way.

What is IVR PlacetoPay?

IVR PlacetoPay is a product that arises from the need for companies to be able to sell by telephone, ensuring that the capture of sensitive credit card data is carried out in a secure manner, that is to say, without being exposed to such information, given that the end user will record the sensitive data to process the transaction on the keypad of your phone.

How can I pay through IVR PlacetoPay?

Once the end user decides to pay by phone he will connect to an audioresponder system, which will ask him to enter the sensitive information of the credit card on the telephone keypad. The system will guide you to enter the data. For security of the user, the information entered will not be visualized by any agents of the call center.

Is it safe to enter my bank details by phone?

PlacetoPay is certified in the PCI DSS International Standard as a Service Provider on Level 1, the highest standard in credit card transaction security worldwide.

Can I make the payment any day and at any time?

The hours of attention of the telephone branch will be fixed by the commercial establishment.

Does paying by phone have any value for me as a buyer?

No, payments made through PlacetoPay do not generate additional costs for the buyer.

What should I do if my transaction did not end?

In the first instance, you should check if a payment confirmation message arrived in the registered email account at the time of the purchase. In case you have not received it, you must contact the trade to confirm the status of the transaction and complete it.

What should I do if I did not receive proof of payment?

For each transaction approved through PlacetoPay, you will receive proof of payment with the purchase reference at the email address you indicated at the time of payment. If you do not receive it, you can contact our support team by calling Medellín +57 (604) 4442310 Ext. 1100 or by writing to [email protected], to request the return of the voucher.